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The Beauty of Sweden

The Beauty of Sweden

Jun 4, 2011, 5:04 AM 4

This time of the year(late May and June) I think Sweden show it´s most beautiful face. The nature is green and full of flowers and it can be very nice with around 25 degrees C like yesterday when we barbequed and ate outside to 10 pm and it was still not dark (see pickture2) That is another thing that is good with Sweden this time of the year- the light.

This is our backyard a late evening when the sun sets.



This is our garden yesterday at 10 pm.


A close look at the nature

the first pick again because the ads covered parts of the first one.

This Summer we hope to go on a litle vacation to the island of Öland, a favorite place of ours. This is some pics showing the beauty of that island(they are from the web)

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