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The clash of styles, The positional and the Tactical

The clash of styles, The positional and the Tactical

Aug 2, 2009, 8:25 AM 0

What's better, a boring positional game which is seemingly error less, or a game with blunders and inaccuracies from the players which lead to some-one's demise?

     For the average chess player, having that seemingly error less game is a dream that only grandmaster level players can achieve and once you have a game as such in your playbook, you have officially become a great player. Well, I will admit in my chess journey so far I haven't had one of those perfect games so I will show 2 GM games, one which seems pretty positional and  one with errors to see which playing style is preferred by the chess.com community. Here is the first one between Morozevich and Mamedyarov.


     That game showed the importance of paying careful attention to your opponents move but it seemed like this game was so simple it could have been played by anyone.This next game is an opposite even though it is played by one of the same people. Maybe Ivanchuk changed the mood.

     So what happened in the previous game? Where did black go wrong? What were the mistakes in this game. Well on move 12 black had a chance to gain the advantage by playing 12. b5!? with the idea of 12.b5 13.g4 nf6 14.e3 ne6, with an advantage for black. Also on move 23. black made the dubious move Qf6 when he had the amazing B5 again and going into the 23.B5 24.h5 g5 25.h6 bxc4 with a decisive advantage for black. Overall in these two games, they are polar opposites. With the first game we encountered a solid playing style from both sides which sizzled into a draw. In the second game there were missed opportunities and errors from both sides leading into an exciting game which didn't really show the playes strenghs. Later on i will make a similar blog with two of my games to contrast these playing styles. Feel free to comment on the article, the games, the annotation, or on which playing style you prefer. I am new to blogs so I hope you enjoy it. See you later.

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