The first IM norm

IM komandoras123
Jun 25, 2014, 3:17 PM |

So I recently came back from a tournament in one of the finest Lithuania's resort city's Palanga, and I decided to share the games and my experience.

There were 10 players that played in a round-robin system, and so it happened that I got the 10th starting number and the black pieces for the first round. I played against a fellow player form Latvia Arturs Bernotas (2276). Historically we had only played blitz games before (and I lost almost each one of them :( ), so I wasn't to thrilled to play against him right away without good preparation. Still, I thought that I should try for a win, but a draw wasn't too bad either. And so :

After the game I felt really good (probably because I didn't know that I had a losing position) and I was looking forward to my next game. A good start, but still a long road ahead, with the norm being 6.5/9. 
Oh well, one game at a time :)
I'll try to upload the next game tomorrow. I hope you enjoyed and please leave your opinion at the comment section :)