The first IM norm Day 2

IM komandoras123
Jun 26, 2014, 12:26 PM |

So I recently came back from a tournament in one of the finest Lithuania's resort city's Palanga, and I decided to share the games and my experience.

The second day proved to be challenging, since there were two rounds and pretty tough opponents. In the morning I was matched up against a Fide Master and the rating favourite from Latvia Meskovs Nikita (2451) with white pieces. I thought I shouldn't be too intimidated and just try to play some chess. This is how it went :


A though game, but the result was well worth it. A perfect 2/2 start, and everything seems to go my way.

After the game I felt extremely confident, like the norm was within arm's reach. I beat the tournament favourite, plus won a game with black pieces. A perfect way to start a round robin!

In game three I was matched up against the only tournament GM Vidmantas Malisauskas (2415) from Lithuania. Historically I had pretty bad loses against him, so I hoped to get him with white pieces, but everything can't be perfect, right? Plus, he drew his game in the morning quite quickly, so he was coming fresh, and me - after a tough morning round. And so:


And with that, most of my confidence goes down the drain. Still, a good 2/3 start, just not feeling that confident anymore.

I'll try to upload game 3 and 4 today. If you have anything to say, leave your comments at the comment section below :)