The first IM norm Day 3

IM komandoras123
Jul 2, 2014, 12:41 PM |

So I recently came back from a tournament in one of the finest Lithuania's resort city's Palanga, and I decided to share the games and my experience.

After a tough loss I decided to try my luck in the evening blitz tournament and try to take some of the tension off. To my surprise, I played very well and lost only one game (to my tomorrow's opponent) and finished second. Filled with good thoughts about my games, tired, but happy I went to sleep looking forward to my next two games tomorrow.

Day 3 wasn't as tough as day 2, but the opponents were still quite dangerous. In the morning I was matched up against a fellow teammate of mine International Master Tomas Laurusas (2426) with white. Historically I had a huge minus against him (according to FIDE -12), so I wasn't to thrilled to try my luck again. I thought if I drew with him, I would have to make 4/5. A difficult task, but with all opponents being lower rated than me I thought I could manage. And so:

Well, at least this game went as planned kinda. 2.5/4, with 5 games left. If I can hold my ground with the higher rated guys, winning against lower rated onces should be a snap, right?

In game 5 I was matched against Chizhikov Vladislav (2230) from Russia. At the moment he had only 0.5/4, so I was really hoping to score a full point, even though I was playing with black. And so:

After the game I was really angry with myself, because I knew I had a winning position and I blew it. 3/5, and I need to make 3.5 out of 4 to score a norm. After that wonderful 2/2 start it seemed that all my hopes were begining to shatter, one game at a time...

I'll try to upload the next game as quickly as I can, and leave your comments in the comment section below :)