The first IM norm Day 4

IM komandoras123
Jul 6, 2014, 12:54 PM |

So I recently came back from a tournament in one of the finest Lithuania's resort city's Palanga, and I decided to share the games and my experience.

After a very disappointing draw I tried my luck in the blitz tournament yet again. This time things didn't go as well, but I did manage to beat my previous opponent (better late than never I suppose). I finished 4th, and with that I went to sleep after yet another difficult day.

On day 4 we had only one game, because in the afternoon there were various sports tournaments. However, my sixth opponent was a young prospect from Belarus Kazakovskiy Valeriy (2144), which promised a very difficult game. Needless to say, he had just increased his rating in one tournament by almost a 100 points, and in addition, he also had 4.5/5 in our tournament, which meant that he was much closer to the IM norm. I'm not going to lie, I was really afraid to play against him, but I also wanted to prove that he can be beat. Even though I had the white pieces, I was still really nervous, because he had won all three of his games with black pieces. Nevertheless, I had to win to keep my norm hopes alive. 

Wow, what a win! I felt like my opponent didn't even have a slightest chance to win, or even to play!

After the game I felt pretty good. A good win against a strong opponent. I said to myself: "Even if I don't score a norm, I still should try to play the best chess possible". And so, 4/6 with 3 games left and two black's still ahead with 6.5/9 for a norm. A daunting task, but if I take it one game at a time, I thought that it was still possible.

I'll try to upload the next game as quickly as I can, and leave your comments in the comment section below :)