200 Traps for Sicilian Defense
200 Traps for Sicilian Defense

200 Traps for Sicilian Defense

Dec 28, 2017, 10:19 AM |


In the implementation, 200 traps for Sicilian defense were placed. I put in a free app. At the time I added a paid application. He wants an update. Variations below can be seen.




Marshall Variation
Alapin Variation
Barmen Attack
Sveshnikov Variation
Chameleon Sicilya
Vinken System
Grand Prix Attack
Staunton-Cochrane Variation
Smith-Morra Accepted
Rossolimo Variation
Old Sicilian
Lowenthal Variation
Four Knight Vinken
Delayed Alapin Variation
Modern Variation
Chekhover Variation
Najdorf Variation
Dragon Variation
Levenfish Attack
Sozin Attack
Velimirovic Attack
Paulsen-Kan Variation
Larsen-Santasiere Variation
Andreaschek Gambit
Morphy Gambit
Classic Closed Sicilian
Closed Sicilian Fianchetto Variation
Chirogin Variation
O'Kelly Sicilian
Robatsch Variation
Flohr Variation
Chelyabinsk Variation
Speed Dragon
Breyer Variation
Koch Variation
Rubinstein Variation
French Variation
Kveinis Variation
Gaw-paw Variation
Reti Variation
Polugaevsky Variation
Bastrikov Variation
Moskow Variation
Vienna Attack
Anti-Sozin Variation
Rauzer Variation
Amsterdam Variation
Opocensky Variation
Byrne Variation
Lipnitzky Variation
Freak Attack
Simagin Variation