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My school trip to Knaben!!

My school trip to Knaben!!

Feb 4, 2018, 10:02 AM 12

So as you can tell by the title I was at a school trip not long ago. I came back home only 2 days ago. So me and my class travelled to Knaben. It's a place in Norway, you can search it up on the internet. The pictures on the internet looks so gross but it is actually very beatiful there. We had to take a bus. The bus trip lasted for 3 hours. The view from the window were BEATIFUL, waterfalls, mountains, etc. And there wasn't snow in my city, but it was so much snow in Knaben! When you walked in the snow it was so high that it reached all the way up my feet! I forgot to tell, the trip lasted for 5 days (a school week) And everyday we walked on skies. Like everyday = a trip on skies 3-5 hours

So basically I had so much fun all the time, and I didn't want to go home when it was time for it sad.png 

I have many pictures, here are some of them:



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