Tigran Petrosian (Ninth World Chess Champion) Bio

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Tigran Petrosian

Ninth World Chess Champion



Tigran Petrosian was the eighth World Chess Champion. He lived from June 17, 1929 to August 13, 1984. Petrosian was a Soviet Armenian world chess champion. He won the World Championship in 1963 against Mikhail Botvinnik, successfully defended it in 1966 (against Boris Spassky), and lost it in 1969 to Spassky.


            Tigran Petrosian's style of play, although highly successful for avoiding defeats, was criticized as being dull. Petrosian was a conservative, cautious, and highly defensive chess player. He very rarely went on the offensive unless he felt his position was completely secure. Tigran Petrosian preferred to play closed openings that did not commit his pieces to any particular plan. He was nicknamed "Iron Tigran" due to his almost impenetrable defensive playing style, which emphasized safety above all else.Petrosian was also known for his use of the "positional exchange sacrifice", where one side sacrifices a rook for the opponent's bishop or knight.

            Petrosian was partially deaf[46] and wore a hearing aid during his matches, which sometimes led to strange situations. On one occasion he offered a draw to Svetozar Gligorić, which Gligorić initially refused in surprise, but then changed his mind in a few seconds and re-offered the draw. However, Petrosian did not even respond, instead went ahead and won the game. As it later turned out, he switched off his hearing aid, and did not hear when Gligorić re-offered the draw. In 1971, he played a candidates match against Robert Hübner in a noisy area in Seville, which did not disturb him, but frustrated Hübner so much that he finally withdrew from the match.He also won the Soviet Championship four times (1959, 1961, 1969, and 1975).


Tal versus Petrosian



1. e4e6 2. d4d5 3. Nc3Bb4 4. e5c5 5. a3Bc3 6. bc3Ne7 7. Qg4Nf5 8. Bd3h5 9. Qh3cd4 10. Nf3Nc6 11. g4Nfe7 12. gh5Qc7 13. Bf4Ng6 14. Qg4Nf4 15. Qf4dc3 16. Qg5Qe7 17. Qg7Qf8 18. Qg5Qh6 19. Rg1Qg5 20. Rg5Bd7 21. Ke2Ke7 22. Ke3Raf8 23. Rag1Be8 24. Nd4f5 25. Nc6Bc6 26. Kd4f4 27. Rg7Rf7 28. Rg8Rg8 29. Rg8Rf8 30. Rf8Kf8 31. h6b6 32. Kc3Kg8 33. Bg6a5 34. Kd4Kf8 35. c3Kg8 36. h7Kg7 37. Bf7Bd7 38. Bg8Bc8 39. Kd3Bd7 40. Ke2Kh8 41. Kf3b5 42. Kf4d4 43. cd4b4 44. ab4a4 45. d5a3 46. de6a2 47. ed7a1Q 48. d8QQc1 49. Kf5Qb1 50. Ke6Qg6 51. Kd7