Bullet chess strategy

Sep 19, 2011, 7:10 PM |

I'm terrible at bullet chess. I've had very little practice, but I've discovered recently that it's a lot of fun! I feel like this game was a sort of epiphany. It was 2 min each with a 1 second bonus per move. I was rated less than my opponent, & expected to lose (as I generally do). But I won because of a nice little bishop sacrifice which turned out superb. My opponent burned a ton of time in order to avoid an early checkmate, and had to play the remainder of game with <15 secs (while I had ~ 1 min). The game gave me such a buzz that I got carried away & moved too quickly (along with my opponent), even though I wasn't in time trouble. If you review the game, you'll see a lot of squandered opportunities, general confusion, and sloppiness on my part after I got ahead. I did win though and I did a jump kick from the exhiliration (karate style!).

The epiphany was this: attacking in speed chess can beĀ much more effective than in regular chess. Even if an attack doesn't work at all in theory, it can still work in speed play because your opponent needs to think carefully in order to avoid blundering (thereby losing a lot of time).

I'm thinking a good strategy is this: develop to an active, but conservative and safe, position and then attack. Sacrifice material and crowd his king, force him to think and burn time.

If anyone reads this post, I'd be interested to hear thoughts on strategies in speed chess that differ from 'regular' chess.