My old games

May 17, 2015, 8:40 AM |
I knew how to play chess since I was a kid, but I was first introduced to chess strategy by Nick Kuhta in 2008. We were in grad school at Oregon State University studying for the physics written comprehensive exam. Nick would study with us during long study sessions, but since he was a year behind I think he felt guilty (as if he was taking more than he was contributing, which was absolutely not true by the way). To make himself feel better he offered to teach us one quick & simple chess principle at the end of each study session. Funnily, we weren't interested, but we would listen anyway to ease his guilt. This is where I learned the very basics: control the center, develop pieces early, etc. Through these captive audience-type lessons I eventually warmed up to chess, & later became a chess fan. I owe it all to Nick's sense of guilt (thanks Nick!).
Initially, this sparked everyone getting on & playing each other through correspondence. Given the grad school situation we didn't have time to play proper long OTB games - so correspondence was great. Eventually I moved to (which is definately better) but I didn't want to lose all of the old redhotpawn games I played against my friends. So I have downloaded their PGNs and created nice clickable games below. I have tried to replace people's usernames with there real names when I could remember them (unfortunately, I can't remember them all). I don't expect anyone to care about any of this except me, so if you've read this far into this post I don't know what to say...
Games below, I think they're probably not in chronological order.