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lebesgue72 vs. hamidrezaie: Sicilian defense game: 8/13/14

Aug 13, 2014, 12:39 PM 0

Hi! This is a Sicilian defense game. Black got an isolated queen's pawn, while I didn't have any pawns in the center. Also, my dark squares near my king ended up being weakened. Some key dark squares were available to black to get pieces attacking my f-pawn which I managed to deliberately(not to good effect) weaken, because i was too fearful of getting out of a bishop pin as soon as possible. I didn't keep black kingside knight out of the g4-square. All of these things, summed up, made it relatively safe(i think) for black to conduct a attack on my king. Some improvements: not letting black's dark-squared bishop develop so easily, point right at my king, wih an isolated queen's pawn, not letting black make use of the g4 square, fianchettoing my dark-squared bishop in a different way, as to take attacking squares away from black, doing something eventually with the c-2 pawn, and possibly doing something different with my light-squared bishop. In this game, it didn't contribute all that much. It "glued down"(if that can even be used here) a structure that probably wasn't meant to stay like that for the entirety of the game(i.e. the c-2 pawn). Here's the game: 

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