lebesgue72 vs. pachecao2007: Caro-Kann 8/12/14

Aug 12, 2014, 8:54 PM |

Hi again! This is a game I played today. I tried to learn a bit more about the Caro-Kann. Already from move 2, I had no idea what to do. I opted for a d6-c6 structure, with the dark-squared bishop fianchetooed. The light-squared one did too, eventually. In some games, there are some moves that very directly threaten things. In this game, there was maneuvering, in a structure that I'm very inexperienced with. Many times, I didn't find a way to make a move that had both strategic and tactical reasons behind it, and it made me feel a bit lost; many of the ideas i was very unsure about, and i thought the fianchetto of the light-squared bishop was rather slow. White weakened their light squares near their king, and went for an attack at my king. There was a knight-bolstering maneuver that i missed, and I was concerned about the power of my opponent's dark-squared bishop, running rampant on the dark squares without any opposition. I used chess.com's engine analysis feature, and it said that at that point, the game was still o.k. It gave me pointers as to which moves were mistakes, blunders, or innacuracies. I'm starting to realize that using engines alot isn't going to help, because I have no idea, even looking at the engine's variations, why the engine thinks a particular move is bad! At the same time, I know there are positions so complex that my self-analytical skills are inadequate at letting me know what i did wrong, and how to improve from there. I think this is one of those games. If you've got any pointers as to what, positionally, I could have improved on, they would be hugely welcome and appreciated. Anyway, here's the game: 

P.S. at the end, there was an improvement in that of a Kg7 move, where white's rooks are doubled on the opened h-file, to prevent the white rooks from a particular tactic.(if you happen to know the name, that would also be appreciated :) )