Solo Missions and Queen traps

Jun 10, 2009, 8:13 PM |

Solo Missions


  Many times in our games we see a piece that is unprotected and we aim after it, many times there is no danger but sometimes there is. When you send a piece on a solo mission it is like walking through a jungle blind not knowing what will happen. It is good to always have at least one protection when doing an attack, now solo missions are very bad and dangerous. They can result in a positional disadvantage or material loss. Here is an example of the dangers of solo missions:

This was a perfect example of the dangers of solo missions. The white player was too greedy and decided to take the pawn.










Queen Traps


The queen is known as the most powerful piece and therefore makes it one of the targets of you opponent. There are many ways to trap a queen, by pins,forks, force moves etc. Here are a couple examples of queen traps:
















Those are some examples of queen traps that are very common.

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