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Caught my opponent cheating...

Caught my opponent cheating...

Dec 16, 2015, 10:13 AM 2

This actually happened quite a number of years ago and for whatever reason I never got around to including it here.  I was at a CCA major tournament at Foxwoods and was playing a young opponent, maybe 9 years old.  I was playing the Black side of the Advance Var. of the French Defense. On about move 6, I saw him thumbing through his score book, and it was clear he was looking for a previous game with the same opening to find the next move. [Note: I'm not a fan of score "books" with previous games included for this very reason, the temptation to refer to them as notes for the current game - but that's an argument for another day.]  Let's look at what actually happened next and what I would have done differently looking back on it.

I called him out right away and the player on the board next to me jumped into the ring and got on his case as well (nothing innapropriate was said - it was "you can't do that," "that's cheating/against the rules" types of comments).  Turns out, this young player was so frazzled at being caught that he quickly blundered the game away even though he had a decent rating.  It was handled at the board with no director interference.

Looking back, the "correct" thing would have been to call over the TD, and using the witness I had as evidence, asked the game be adjudicated as a rated win in my favor.  However, if I had done this, I bet you they would have just given him a warning.  Most TDs are too cavalier in enforcing the rules in my experience - but I could be wrong...

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