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No, your opponent didn't cheat...

No, your opponent didn't cheat...

Apr 16, 2014, 2:10 PM 0

It seems a lot of players break out the "he cheated" refrain whenever they lose, particularly online.  If a lower rated player wins, "he cheated." If he seems to be moving fast, yet accurately, "he cheated."  Upsets and good play happen all the time with lower-rated opponents, even with live, over-the-board play.  Just recently, in a live game with a slow time control, I was beaten by someone several hundred points lower.

At a major event about 2 years ago, a friend playing in a class section was convinced the winner cheated in some way because he was making inexplicably good moves, seemed to be merely glancing at the board, and never had to go to the second time control on his clock.  These accusations happen all the time and here's my take: I believe that while they're certainly out there, most players do not cheat and statistically, your opponent was likely just having a great day, or you a bad one, or you happened to play the one line your opponent knows well.

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