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Should you remind your opponent to hit his clock?

Should you remind your opponent to hit his clock?

Apr 13, 2015, 10:04 AM 0

This post is inspired by events that happened in a first round game at the LI Chess Club.  A titled player in his first OTB game in decades forgot to punch his clock with a winning position against a class player and lost on time. Assuming his opponent was aware of this, should he have reminded him?

I say no.  Chess is hard enough and there's nothing wrong with a competitve attitude as long as it's within the rules and good sportsmanship.  Your oppponent's clock is HIS OR HER responsibility, not yours.  For me, telling my opponent to press his clock is no different from saying,"Hey pal, I just realized I blundered and you have a mate in 3." That being said, there are two exceptions where I will remind my opponent:

1. He or she is rated significatly lower than I or is a rank beginner.

2. I'm absolutely crushing my opponent with the end imminent and I just want it overwith. 

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