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There's No Advantage with White

There's No Advantage with White

Jan 9, 2015, 5:22 PM 1

As a player and TD, I've been hearing a lot of the following comments lately:

"White always starts with a big advantage."

"Oh great, I have White!"

"I was happy to draw with Black."

"I'm much more comfortable with White. I hate Black ,especially against a higher rated player."

"I got screwed this tourney because I had 3 Blacks and 2 Whites."

It is my contention that all of the above statements are erroneous and misguided.  Theory has shown that White's advantage from moving first is VERY slight, and that's with "perfect" play.  Since an amateur contest is far from perfect and features games that are riddled with mistakes, any slight advantage of moving first is negated. The color you're assigned doesn't matter.  If you think that White has an advantage and you're not comfortable with Black, it's because of one reason and one reason only: you haven't studied the game enough from the Black side of the board.  Simple as that.  Any other reason is just an excuse or rationalization. 

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