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Titled players should pay an entry fee too!

Titled players should pay an entry fee too!

Dec 16, 2013, 9:47 AM 6

I have a real issue with titled players getting a free or reduced entry free at major chess events.  To be clear, my  beef is with the tournament organizers who do this, presumably to attract top players.  I have no qualms with GMs and IMs themselves who are just taking advantage of an existing rule, and I honor their achievements.  In no particular order, here's why I have a problem with this practice:

A. It's simply wrong on principle.  ALL participants should pay an EF regardless of rating.  Doing otherwise lacks integrity and arguably punishes non-titled players.

B. Part of my EF - my hard-earned money - is now being used to pay for someone else's participation.  I'm really bothered by that, especially in the current entitlement culture that we live in.

C. If it weren't for us non-titled patzers, these events wouldn't take place!  The vast majority of entrants are class players so we're the ones providing most of the funds for these events. If we want to talk about reduced or free entry fees - given the high cost of these events - provide a discount to those who enter say 3 or more of these a year under the same organizer.  That would be much more fair and equitable.

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