French Defense battle!...

Mar 13, 2010, 2:01 PM |


I remember when i first opted to learn the basics of the French, that it was with the idea of seeking quieter waters, away from the hectic, often mind boggling tactics of the more popular Sicillian defense!  now before calling me a coward, you should know the circumstances for this venture of mine:

I had just arrived at a new school- Glenmuir high, where I joined the chess team... only to discover that my punitive knowledge of the game was by far bested by even the then, weakest member of the side!

they were being coached by arguably Jamaica's strongest player- Fide master Warren Elliot!  after losing again and again to theory, i thought I'd try the French. soon i grew to love it, but i also found that my previous idea of the French was a grave misconception! there's nothing quiet about this opening at all! hehehe...

here's a recent game i played, using the French





your comments are welcome!


(an error was made, lilAj (me) plays black not white, sorry! )