2014 Montana State Championship

Aug 30, 2014, 2:40 PM |

I didn't make it into this year's Montana Closed tournament for state champion, which comes as no surprise considering my performance at the Open. Though disappointing, there are several pluses.

For one, I'm happy to take a breather after competing in the Closed for two straight years, since the competition is intense and exhausting. I'm also happy I don't have to square off against my buddies Jacob Copley and Will Davis; we play each other on a regular basis, and it has become difficult for me to beat either of them. I offer a friendly warning to the other competitors -- all excellent players in their own right -- to be prepared! Better yet, I might have a chance to see some of the action if the companion tournament goes forward. And best of all, I'm on the list of alternates, so if for some strange reason I wind up competing in the Closed, I will unleash every obscure opening I can think of and have a good time.