January Thaw - Round 5

Jan 26, 2015, 9:29 AM |

The final round was against Robert Martin, a good-natured and humorous fellow who destroyed me at the Open in Billings two years ago. He didn't remember the game, but I did for the obvious reason that it was painful. It was also instructive. Then as now, I was playing black and had to deal with his Reti opening. I knew from the first time to avoid certain pitfalls, and I crashed through his kingside like a tidal wave. It's only fair, I suppose, since now we're even.

With this win I secured 4 points out of 5 and shared first place with Mark Anderson, who technically was declared the winner on tie-breaks (it seems some of my opponents went on to take byes rather than compete). A good start to the year, all things considered. I upped my rating a few points and got revenge against two players who had humbled me on earlier occasions.