January Thaw 2017 - Round 5

Jan 30, 2017, 10:31 AM |

In Round 5 I finally reached the top board and faced my co-state champion Jim Skovron, who had racked up a perfect score of four points thus far. Playing black, I unleashed the Owen on him and was getting into an interesting game when Jim suddenly offered a draw on the tenth move. I decided to accept because 1) I was tired, especially after the grueling match with Daniel Mattson, 2) even if I got the win, I would likely still be in second place because of tie-breaks, and 3) I figured I'd do Jim a favor and let him relax after having played such a great tournament.

We adjourned to a nearby bar, had some beer, and played this out as a speed game with 5 minutes per person. I won.