January Thaw 2018 - Round 4

Feb 22, 2018, 3:15 PM |

Round 4 was against a fellow former state champion, James Skovron, who has a great deal of enthusiasm these days for the King's Indian Attack. This is ironic because I was a fan of the KIA when I first arrived in Montana eight years ago, but I rarely bother with it anymore. But let it not be said that the KIA is dull. James and I had a wild game that I most likely should have lost -- my time pressure was so bad that I went down to 1 second on my clock for the last fifteen to twenty moves of the game, but with the time delay I still was able to score a draw because James needlessly sped up his play despite having plenty of time to work with.

Because of the extreme time pressure, my recording stopped just when the game was getting interesting.