What Goes Around Comes Around

Mar 7, 2016, 7:19 AM |

For the past three years, a game between me and my friend Jacob Copley has drawn over 3,000 views. It was a good victory for me, and I promised Jake that once he beat me in a rated game, I would post it here. That moment has arrived, as Jacob tore his way through the Great Falls Open last weekend with a clean sweep, knocking me out in round 2.

The tournament revealed some weaknesses in my middle game, and they were brought into sharp relief by a hardcore field of chess enthusiasts -- many of them young -- who study constantly and are getting stronger every day. I'm grateful in a strange way, because the beauty of chess is that there's always room to improve, and now I know better how to accomplish that.

For the time being, my hat's off to Jacob, who clearly has established himself as one of the top players in the state!

EDIT: In my haste to make this post, I misspoke when explaining why my moves 22 and 24 were atrocious -- I simply could have captured his pawn on h4! It's amazing how blind you can become when focusing too hard.