I have a dream!

Jun 24, 2015, 10:57 PM |

   I have a dream that I can be a master in chess when I was young,however,most of  parents in china just want their childern to be a "good" student in school,so are my parents,that is to say,you need to get high score in school,in parents'eye,those who are good students are students who can get high score,otherwise,you are a bad student.Given that chinese students need to spent much time studying,they do not have idle time to do what they want to do or what they like to do.i can not play chess when i was young beacuse there are lots of homework waiting for me to finish,i have to give up my dream.beside,students'ability of self-care is too bad to survive on their own,do you believe that i do not know how to fold my quilt when i am admited to the university,especially i am a girl.

  i have a dream that chinese education can reform soon so that every chinese student can pursuit dream,can you understand that how painful I am when i know that i have to give up my chess dream and do lots of homework which i do not like at all?Cry,most of people just look my appearence but ignore my heart.I think that girl who achieve her dream will become more beautiful,is't it?

  i have dream that there will be more chinese playing chess,in fact ,the number of chinese who like play chess is small beacuse we have our nation chess-----xiangqi,most of chinese play xiangqi for entertainment.sometime I want to find a oppentent in real life,but I can't.I feel a little lonely so i name myself lonelychessplay.

  I have a dream that I have a happy family in the future,a beautiful wife,a cool hushand and  smart children,all people in the family like playing chess,we feel happy in the process of playing chess or learning chess techique.

   last but not formost,I hope that all my friends would like to bless that I can achieve all of my dreams.