Fish Story of Life

Apr 19, 2011, 9:22 PM |

Fish sees a frog coming in and out of the pond day in and day out.  One day, Fish asks the Frog, because Fish and Frogs can talk, "what is out there?" Frog says that there is people, dogs, birds, trees, etc. With all this knowledge, Fish began imagining not quite what the frog told him. People walk on with two legs. Dogs on four legs covered by fur. Trees, with bark, leaves and never moving. Birds flying in the air with wings. Such knowledge was transfered, but not quite the way Frog had experienced it himself. Fish say all these beings as fish just a little different!

The moral? Dont ask Frogs for advice! J/k. Any idea, no matter how useful or beautiful it can be misleading if misinterpreted by not seeing it for yourself. How this happens? From my own experiece every movie Ive ever seen shows how they've done incredible things under two hours! When i imagine it in my mind doing any of those things it seems just as easy, just as effortless. I do have the common sense to not chase after the bad guy on top of buildings, trains and on highly populated roads with fast cars. Yes, cars can go on anything! I have realized to only chase in life what I love.