Improvement at Last

Dec 15, 2014, 2:09 PM |
white bebo969 black longday576

This game although played in a five minute game has really given me a good deal of enjoyment as Ive worked extremely hard to get my tactical play up this entire year. I have new ideas about tactics that I never had before, neither did I have any idea about its nature. Two books come to mind that really helped alot. Chess tactics from scratch by Martin Weteschnik which gave me courage and belief to study tactics in the first place as well as a way of studying tactics. How to calculate chess tactics by Valeri Beim. This really opened my eyes to a ton of examples that made sense to me. As well as ideas of how tactics and logical anaylsis study must go hand in hand. 

Although I give these books great credit, I must take some credit for myself as I have spent tons of hours mainly focusing on growing as a chess player. Which is etremely difficult since you have to be very honest in every degree and go back to where you are lacking. Often times, I spent probably twenty minutes on one example trying to solve it, figured out the elements, but could not solve the problem at all! I probably only solved less than five percent on my first try of all that I studied.