FIDE Masters Tournament "Day 01"

FIDE Masters Tournament "Day 01"

Oct 4, 2017, 12:38 PM |

In 01/10/2017 Srarted The Most Big "FIDE MASTERS TOURNAMENT" With 200000 Players And 5000 FM

And This Tournament Is Actually An Officilal Tournament Which Is A very Cute One , There's The Prizes wink.png

  • 2000$ for first.
  • 1550$ for second.
  • 1000$ for third
  • 500$ for fourth
  • 350$ for fifth


And There Isno cheat And All official Informations About Playes(Name,Surname, Counry,Rating......)

So That Was More Than 150 Games In the first Dayhappy.png coaches.png And There's One Of the Games. 

-Game 01-


And You Can easily See how Larbi Was destroying His opponent With a winning Endgame For Him, All I can Say It's Good Job Larbi!!

-Game 02- 

For The Second Time, Larbi Won By CheckMate Even He Was Facing A Fide Master But, "Gambits Are Always Better" That What Larbi Said In the End , Goo Job Man!! 

-Game 03-

Good Job Again!!