Leonhardt vs Maroczy 1907

Dec 15, 2010, 7:20 PM |

At the international tournament at Karlsbad, 1907, Maroczy won 10 and drew 9 of his 20 games. This game against Leonhardt turned out to be Maroczy's only loss of the 20 games he played. By his efforts, Maroczy earned second place. Rubinstein, despite having lost two games (one to Spielmann and one to Nimzovich), won the tournament with 15 points, 1/2 point ahead of Maroczy. This was possible because Rubinstein won 12 of his games. Leonhardt (+9 =9 -2) won third place for himself (one full point behind Maroczy). The annotations to the game presented here are from the tournament book.

A translation of the tournament book (Karlsbad 1907, written by George Marco and Carl Schlecter) was recently accomplished by Robert Sherwood and published in 2007. Sherwood used Rybka to analyze each of the 210 games. Annotations in brackets and ending -RHS are his.

Here is how Marco introduces Round Nine: The sensation of today's play is the defeat of the leading masters, Maroczy, Mieses and Teichmann. But other games, too, tower far above the ordinary. Leonhardt's strategical masterpiece against Maroczy, especially, merits the highest recognition. After a skillfully conducted siege, Maroczy's castled King position was smashed by a clever piece sacrifice; his stalwart and ingenious defense was soon shown to be hopeless.