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impatience and other details

impatience and other details

Mar 2, 2009, 1:54 PM 0

chess always seemed a fascinating game with lots of potential and endless hours of fun. alas, the fact that i am a remarkably idiotic man with endlessly short patience keeps me from getting great pleasure in those long, tactical, long, pensative and loooong games. regretably i am the fast food generation applied to chess in all its glory. what should i do? decompose away in a long game? try to continuously masturbate during hour long games to try and squeeze (not literally) some fun out of chess? i found that i get a lot of fun out of speed chess, i really enjoy the fact that its fast and you have to be very concentrated during the game. the irony is that i suck at speed chess....but then again i suck at the long games, but i guess that that is another story

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