big mistake

Jun 12, 2009, 9:13 PM |

my last blog i talked when you try to  improve and you dont get your results, i think we all will or are going for that process , i think i  commited a big mistake. First i thought by  playing a lots of games will help me, after i bought myself a good chess book "fundamental chess"of capablanca, by the way a good book but it really didnt help me a lot because its most of an endgame book, and i dont even know about openings, but it help me in the way  of the language of chess (ranks , files , castling , king side queen side) you guys know.

After that my good friend  Promote2pawn help me in the games really helping to see  my moves what is best and he did, but my  good games there werent enough for me because  i couldnt see my improvement. After all i was playing live chess  on long and i was in 1310 and my rating went to actually1119, i'm devastated, and i just think chess its not for me at all.

But because i really love the game  and i have a lot of fun playing it and i met very good players i started to try harder , this doesn't mean im an 1900 now  because im not, i dont play those many games anymore( good advice me friend promote2pawn gave me and i didnt listen), and a really focus myself watching a lot of games through the game explorer and analyze my own games, maybe i dont see a huge improvement because you guys can see my  low rating but  i can  see myself in the right path to get to the point i want.

Big mistake yes is what i did spending no valuable time at all playing all those games  without doing a research and explore all its variables.

Like i said this is referr for those who like me  we are not naturals of the game dont GIVE UP AND TRY A LITTLE HARDER you will see the game  in a more fun way.

Thank you guys,     LUCHO 12