ESC winner Måns Zelmerlöws first Idol audition <3

May 29, 2015, 9:30 AM |

Swedish Idol Audition 2005 <3


Måns Zelmerlöw recently won Eurovision song contest with the song Heroes, but THIS is where his carrier started. In swedish Idol in 2005. He came 5th btw and since then hes been one of the most charming artists and program hosts in sweden and we LOVE him :D


PS: They talk swedish in the show but he sings Hero by Enrique Iglesias and he TOTALLY charms the jury :DDDDD And his red cheeks and his smile is sooooo cute omg!!! (Link to youtube video is under the picture)


One of the jury members comments was: "Youre one of those thing you put on top of the christmas tree" xDDD <33333

Enjoy!!! :DDD






Ps: you can click in the video the youtube trademark and then the video pops up in an own video on youtube so you can watch the vid in bigger format :)