Gabriel's Oboe & Nella Fantasia

Jan 8, 2011, 3:16 PM |

   Well, I've never seen the film The Mission, but I recognized Gabriel's Oboe immediately when I heard it on the radio (well almost), knowing it, not as Gabriel's Oboe, but rather, as A Rose Among Thorns. So good is the music of Ennio Morricone that much of his work is used in a plethora of films and productions; Gabriel's Oboe is no exception.

I think I read somewhere that he has composed the music to more than 500 films, and there can be no doubt hat he will be regarded as one of 20th Century's leading composers.

He often re-uses his music for new films and marries his music for new effect to the voice of a Portuguese singer/songwriter called Dulce Pontes and she has transformed many of his brilliant instrumental pieces when called upon for this new effect. She is a huge talent who sings, not only in Portuguese and Spanish, but also in the dialects of Mirandese and Galicean as well as Italian, English,Greek and Arabic.

A Rose Among Thorns, for me, is one of her best ~ it's from the film Final Fantasy ~ a real treat in animé video and audio. I couldn't do a whole film but these little bite-size bits when set to good music are real pearls. Here's the song from another source:

Gabriel's oboe was Sarah Brightman's choice too for her recording of Nella Fantasia (In My Fantasy) and, although operatic, it works too. Sarah started life here in England as a leggy dancer with Pan's People and later with Hot Gossip (they were both quite hot for their day) before breaking out into music as a young Soprano ~ now a very good one! She auditioned for Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical Cats and successfully won the part of Jemima. It wasn't long before she met Lloyd Webber, married him, and went on to do more of his shows (not to mention some of the other services she must have provided LOL).

She took the lead female role in Phantom of the Opera with Michael Crawford, a show which he flatly refused to let Broadway have unless she was approved in that role on tour there (there being an exclusive closed-shop all-american policy on Broadway at that time). A deal was struck! Their marriage lasted six years, but by then she was a top Soprano in her own right. It was in 1996 she heard the instumental Gabriel's Oboe and loved it so much that she decided she wanted to turn it into a song so she wrote a letter to Morricone asking his permission; he flatly refused. Not to be put off, every two months she sent another begging letter, and yet another until, finally, he became so sick of hearing from her that he relented and finally said OK. 

Enough of my rambling. . . Nella Fantasia:


I'm sorry if you already know these and for the rambling way I deliver ~ Sarah provides the singing voice on the soundtrack of the big (for them) budget all Japanese 2009 film Amalfi set in Rome , and  Nella Fantasia is one of the tracks, she actually appears on film as herself singing Time To Say Goodbye too. The CD is a limited ed and the whole shooting match is aimed at Japan ~ no general release for this one I don't think. Even the CD isn't on release here and the few copies that are around are like $60 ~ had to search US ebay to get mine last week ~ got it for $3 (YAY - yanks have no taste at all) and bless. . . they delivered here for the same J

 Oops there I go again wandered off-track AND rambling.

Just thought that as a budding some of you might be interested. . .

O, and you can see her on my profile page too about half way down with Michael Crawford ~ the title track from Music of the Night

Part II to follow. . .