It's a Dog's Life!

Jul 31, 2010, 7:03 PM |

Hardly a classic. . .  but an amusing little anecdotal verse which might bring a wry smile or 3

The Dogs Meeting

The dogs once held a meeting,

They came from near and far.

Some dogs came by aeroplane,

And some by motor car.

Before the meeting started,

They were allowed to look,

As each dog took off their asshole,

And hung it on a hook!

But hardly were they seated there.

Both mothers, son and sire

When someone from the very back

Got up and shouted:”FIRE!”

They all ran out in panic,

And didn’t stop to look,

As each dog grabbed an asshole

From the nearest little hook.

And that’s the very reason,

Why a dog will leave his bone,

To go and sniff another dog’s ass,

To try and find his own.