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The Royal Wedding ~ Précised

Apr 30, 2011, 9:11 AM 0

   Kate (Catherine) Middleton entered Westminster Abbey a commoner ~ but when she came out she was a princess, a wife, and queen-in-waiting ~ she was, furthermore, drop-dead gorgeous and radiant!


   The Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate went to plan and exceedingly well; it was watched by more than one-third of the world’s population (in excess of 2 Billion people) and if you were one of those that didn’t see it, here are the best bits.





   And THAT dress of lace ~ with just a nine foot train ~ was understated PERFECTION (see it here in the video clip); her younger sister Pippa (the maid of honour), in tip-top condition and form, came a close second in another equally stunning dress of simple understated perfection.


   Best dressed-for-effect guest, for me, has to be former it-girl Tara who was decked-out from head to toe in cobalt blue, but maybe, just maybe, I’m a little biased having had the hots for her for some years. J

   If you want more, best place to get it all is here




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