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My Comeback

My Comeback

Jul 8, 2015, 2:57 PM 1

Hello, chess.com members!  Recently, I had taken an elongated break from chess, which had lasted for about 6 months.  Recently, at a University Engineering Camp (at UALR) I rekindled my interest for chess.  So now, for about 10 days, I have been back on this site, trying to regain my chess mindset.  Today, I felt like challenging myself, so I played a 1751 rated opponent in Standard time control.  I used my time wisely, ending up with only a minute or two on my clock.  My opponent used less time, ending up with 5-6 minutes on his clock.  This could have been a factor in the outcome of the game...he could have possibly used a few more minutes to think.  However, I applaud my opponent, who proved to be a tough fellow.

It was a nice win for me, but any feedback to make it better would be much appreciated.  Thanks for stopping by and reading!  Have a great day everyone. Smile

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