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The Pretty Good Bulleteer

The Pretty Good Bulleteer

Feb 21, 2014, 5:52 PM 4
That was without a doubt my best win!  The only factor that held me back from winning the game by checkmate was the time factor.  Those last 20 moves were within the last 15 seconds or less.  But how about that?  It was truly awesome! (My opponent did have a little lag, but I also lost a couple of seconds when I left the game on accident when another one ended.)
Innacuracies: 6- 8.0% of the moves
Mistakes: 12- 16.0% of the moves
Blunders: 3- 4.0% of the moves
I also played another one against him, and I did win, but it wasn't as great of a game.  I only won because of time.  The one that I did play out for you was a time win, but it was legit.

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