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"unthunth unthunth unthunth unthunth

unthunth unthunth aale unth..."

CoolWhat is this?Cool

You already think so !


Hehehe dont worry.LaughingTongue out

The above two line Malayalam lullaby sang the queen of Kolothu Nadu. Kolothu Nadu(situated in Kerala, South India) ruled by king Udaya Varmma in 15 th century.

The Royal palce of Kolothu Nadu decorated with many wisemen. One of the dependant was famous Malayalam poet Cherussery Namboothiri.

The king and poet used to play 'Chathuranga' which was the formal form of Chess !One day they start playing...unfortunately the king began to fail !

Suddenly the wife of king decided to help him!

She produce musical tones with the voice of lullaby :-

" unthunth unthunth unthunth unthunth

unthunth unthunth aale unth..."

Lull a baby to sleep !

It means:-

Unthunth = push 

aale = pawn

Yeah ! She said that pls push the pawn !The king understand it and pushed the pawn ! So king won the game!

After the winning , king ordered to make a great poem like as the tune of lullaby for the everlasting memmory of his lovely wife !Then the poet made the great Malayalam poem 'Krishna Gatha' ( Which is the first Malayalam poem in our literature !)

So , we Keralites are very thankful to Chess Game !

Bcoz, the game give us an unvaluable poem !!