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"Money-no. 1 hindrance" -Baltazar

Apr 19, 2009, 9:26 PM 0

In a game,there are several practices to do, and in a practice there are many hardships that seem to be a hindrance to achieve the goal. According to Mrs Trely Ann Baltazar,chess coach, the no. 1 hindrance to their training is the lack of financial assistance. If you are a chessplayer,you need money. In fact almost all of the professional chess players belong to the high class of the society. You have to pay for your trainers who at the time are masters in the field of sport and need big salary," stated Mrs. Baltazar. She also added that there are chances to compete in the different international contests and of course money to spend is involved. Another problem is the selection of players. "It's better to have players that are enthusiastic than players who have the talent but do not have the interest to succeed!" "Being a coach and adviser at the same time is a hard job for me because of the time management or schedule but it served as a challenge to me to train my players and bring out the best in them. from The Vision Ron Kevin Diaz / Maaron john Saturnino * Trely Ann Baltazar is the head coach of F.G. Calderon Integrated School , a public school in Tondo, Manila. Her son Melwyn Kenneth Baltazar is the 2006 National Age - Group (Boys-under 10) champion. Melwyn Kenneth is also a bronze medal winner in the rapid individual at the 2006 ASEAN Age-Group (Boys-under 10 division)  held in Jakarta,Indonesia.

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