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Sick of TV Shows with Bad Content? Just read!

Nov 6, 2014, 6:58 PM 8

Are you tired of TV shows that have too much offensive content? Well, to quote myself, "Why don't we just read books?" Especially if you have an ereader. Because of a web site called Project Gutenburg, you can download free ancient works. Or at least a hundred years old. But where does Gutenberg come in? Since there are so many books, simply search for a category such as "vampires" or "first loves" and there's sure to be a category for it. How I found counterparts for modern TV shows was to search for categories that were the same as the TV shows. And here is another good part: there is barely any objectionable content in the Gutenberg books. The worst language I've ever seen was by Winston Churchill, and even that wasnt much (just a d and a word or two). Happy reading!

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