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Al Ain Chess Club A - Asian Club Cup Champion, China 2nd, Fajr Shams 3rd, Tagaytay 4th

Dec 27, 2008, 1:47 PM 0

Please refer to this link to see the final results:



May I share with you some links on this event that I am following: Asian Club Cup being held in Al Ain, United Arab Emirates from December 25, 2008 to December 30, 2008.


Asian Club Cup Gets Underway by  Lakhdar Mazouz



Club Standings after Round 3:

Tagaytay Chess Club (PHI) 3 wins – 0 loss

1)GM Wesley So

2)GM John Paul Gomez

3)GM Mark Paragua

4) GM Darwin Laylo


Club India (IND) 3 wins -  0 loss

1) IM Laxman RR

2) IM Sengupta Deep

3) IM Karthikeyan P

4) IM Prathamesh Sunil Mokaj


Al Ain Chess Club (UAE) 3 wins – 0 loss

1) GM Sergey Karjakin

2) GM Efimenko Zahar

3) GM Jobava Baadur

4) GM Gabriel Sargissian

5) GM B Li Chao


Please follow this link for Club Standings, Team pairings, Board pairings, Rankings and Round-by-round  results:


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