Priorslee Lions B v Priorslee Lions A

Sep 17, 2013, 12:38 PM |

Well, in response to Bill, and his report on the above match, I have to say that, on seeing the line up for this match, we were fortunate; but fortune does favour the brave (in chess!?!).

 Priorslee A had only 3 of their team available (we were without Munroe) so were grateful for the services of Steve O'Dell from the C team in making up the numbers, and still should have won.

Now, my visibility of the matches was restricted due to my new policy this season which was to 'concentrate' solely on my game, and only afterwards see how my teammates were getting on.

Once my game was over, more of that later, I called to my team members one by one and asked how they did...

George:"It vaz a tight game, yah, and Jim vaz lucky with his win, yah!"

Steve:"It was an uneventful game (against Bill), I had control throughout and a draw was the only possible result" (Honest, Bill!)

 Gary:"1-0...No, Marvin, to me,..., No, Marvin, I am NOT taking the p*ss!"

I was so surprised by Gary's excellent victory that he promptly sat down and showed me the game in full, including all of Glyn's 'misses' which should have handed him the full point. This game epitomised Gary's style of chess, where no quarter was given, and woe betide any opponent who gives Gary half a chance. Well played, Gary!