Puzzling Middlegames and a Monumental Victory

Jan 13, 2015, 2:41 PM |

Since my last post, I have played three more long time control games. So far, my winning streak is continuing.

I played two of the three games yesterday. I ended up playing them at a local resturant where there was a live band playing and lots of people. As a result, it was very loud and I got a few strange looks and comments, but I played two games of chess so it was all worth it.

This is a position from the first game, that works well as a puzzle.


The next game also had a nice tactical position.
My most recent game I will show in its entirety. I really like this game for reasons that I will explain after the game.  

Ok so why was this game so nice?
#1 I was eating lunch while playing, and my food was quite tasty
#2 This was my first long time-control game with the Dutch. I purchased the Killer Dutch DVD (https://www.onlinechesslessons.net/shop/the-killer-dutch-with-gm-simon-williams/#.VLWejV69iCQ) by GM Simon Williams. I've had this DVD for a year or more, and yet this was my first game with it, and I won!
#3 I like closed positions so that aspect was nice too.
Happy Chess!