Good Knight vs. bad Bishop - The whole story in one game (1)

Feb 9, 2011, 4:41 AM |

Please look at the following position:



Wouldn`t you like to reach such a good position with White? He has a dominant kingposition and also the clearly better minor piece!                                     

But such positions do not happen by chance. They are the result of hard work. So I will try to show how White generated this position.


1. The opening: An English Hedgehog

European Hedgehog


So what is an hedgehog in chess?



The Hedgehog is an opening with  a special pawnstructure. That one in diagram with Black. On a6,b6, d6 and e6 you can see the "stings" of the "Hedgehog".

You can reach that typcical hedgehog position with both colours and in different openings. In our game it happened through an English set-up. Therefore the opening is called the English Hedgehog

So it went this way:



White has a clear space adventage, but the black position is solide and without any weaknesses. So, it is not easy for White to improve his position. In contrary, he has to be attentive that Black can´t open the position with a surprising b5 or d5.

There are many winning games with such a surprising counterplay.


For today it is enough! The continuation of this game will follow!