The underestimated pawns!

Aug 18, 2009, 6:08 AM |



                              The underestimated pawns


Philidor said in his famous chess book:

" The pawns are the soul of the chess game"


We often underestimate or even "forget"  the importance of pawns in opening and middle game. There are so many planings, activities of pieces, tactics and  easy or heavy battles going on. And we cannot have our "eyes" everywhere.

Meanwhile pawnstructures changes or become damaged, pawns get lost or are sacrified to get a dynamical adventage or something else. And we are not scared about it! "Such things can happen or are necessary  in war!"

But at the end  it leads often into an endgame. And then we become aware, that we perhaps should have been better more careful with our pawns at an earlier stage of the game.


So please look at the following  position and try to analysize and evaluate it



Have you made your analysis and evaluation?

So you can go on now and compare it with the game continuation



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