Amazing Attack Miniature Kopetsky vs Engert, 1942
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Amazing Attack Miniature Kopetsky vs Engert, 1942

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Hi chess mates. I am glad to post twice this week. This time we are going to analyze an attack game, a miniature, where Black took a pawn in the opening, as White got some compensation and attack possibilities for the material down. And that’s exactly what happened in the game, White attacked very strongly, and got a good victory in a short but intense game.

Notice they played Petrov; I have already said it is one of my favorite defenses against King Pawn and I have been playing it more than 20 years. If you want to learn about this line, you can check Learn Petrov Defense I prepared some weeks ago.  

Analysis of the game Kopetsky vs Engert, 1942

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Some things to remember about this game:

  • It can be risky to take pawns in the opening when still having development problems. Probably you can defend, but will have to play very accurately, which is easy for engines but not for humans. Although, in this game it seems like Black had no option and needed to accept the pawn sacrifice once they broke the center with d5.
  • A knight on f6 or a bishop on e7 can help to protect the king in the castling. If you don’t have them, and your opponent can bring pieces to attack, probably you need to be very careful.
  • Don’t move the castling pawns. In general, don’t move the pawns in the side where your opponent is attacking, you are just creating weaknesses. Unless you can stop or delay the attack.


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