Richard Reti sacrifices his Queen (+ Video)
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Richard Reti sacrifices his Queen (+ Video)

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Hi chess mates. In this post we will analyze another classic miniature between two masters. This is Richard Reti vs Saviely Tartakower, 1910. It was a Caro Kann Defense, and probably the most interesting thing about this game is that White sacrificed a piece and a queen to checkmate black king.


Video with comments about Reti vs Tartakower, 1910

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Something to learn from this game

As always, there is a couple of things we should highlight:

  • Breaking the center with the king still in the middle can be risky (look at move number 5 for black, 5 … e5?). This kind of moves is really helpful, because we are fighting the enemy central pawns, but as we are opening lines against our own king, we should calculate it very accurately.
  • The winning combination Reti finds here is really nice. Probably not too complicated for masters, but even though it looks really good.

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