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Tour de France

Jun 6, 2010, 1:43 PM 1

We have one of the biggest sporting Spectacles on the planet to start this coming Friday,the FIFA World Cup,which i am sure alot of us will enjoy.But a note for sport fans,or just all of you who wish to enjoy something different.The Tour de France will start on the 3rd of July.Cycling's hottest date in the Professional calender.This is 3 weeks of pure entertainment,Color,sweat,pure grit and determination.Take a look, if you havn't before and enjoy,the Time Trials,Mountain Climbs and Sprint Finishe's,not to mention the super shot scenery and insight into the Worlds most Toughest Sport.''Check out if your country has a rider,check out the Teams.See who gains and defends the covened Yellow jersey,or the ever strong Sprinters green jersey.The king of the mountains Poka - Dot jersey.Who will be the most tested rider on the Tour for Enhanceing Drugs,the darker side of this epic and historic sporting spectacle.Enjoy ..... ..Last Chance for Lance,heading into the last week of this Epic showdown,thanks for all the Inspiration Lance and Best of Luck in the future to all on the Radioshack outfit''.

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