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Goals In Chess

Goals In Chess

Mar 19, 2016, 10:27 AM 1

Anyone who has grown out of the toddler stage and is reasonably capable of independent action can set a goal. Of course, these goals will be endlessly varied, depending on the circumstances which arise and upon the personality of the one setting them.

But they all have something in common : in all possible cases, goals are set, and the paths to achieving them are planned (even if these plans are quite simple - how about : Quick, before Mama shows up, paint our lips with her lipstick!) roughly this way: taking stock of the situation (and it is not important here whether it coincides with reality or not), a person sets himself some goal. In doing so, he makes use of his life experience and knowledge, and makes a decision, either on the conscious level or on the level of habit and reflex. Similar processes occur in chess too; but here, of course, we have a whole list of specific elements to consider.

But the main element remains the same : the same patterns of thinking and the same logic of taking action we examined previously are used as in normal life.

But how is a player to select his goal? For this , there exist two main approaches: either knowledge, which one may get from the computer, from books, from a trainer/coach, or from just one's own playing experience . But this last course - the path of trial and error - is the most time-consuming, and the least secure; and the first course is not always safe - not infrequently, it leads down the wrong path.

What's your approach?

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